what's this all about...

If you read this, chances are that you are a steemian yourself and that you understand the purpose of all this. If not ... a steemian is a user of Steemit, a blogging platform where users are paid to post. Yes, you read that correctly, you are paid to post... and that of course causes some very annoying side effects ...

By far the most annoying side-effect is the presence of several "spammers" who try to earn something with qualitatively low posts. Of course they never succeed, but in the meantime they create a negative image among new members who have just started on steemit. And that is unfortunate because if you know where to look, you can certainly find quality on steemit.

And this brings us to the raison d'être of this website. When I started on steemit it took me a lot of time to find other interesting and / or talented steemians. The first month I even thought about giving up ... but I have persisted and steemit has become my favorite social media, I hardly use Facebook and other instagrams anymore.
With this website I want to offer new users the opportunity to make a quick start on steemit. You will only find profiles of other steemit users who are absolutely worth following.

All profiles are divided into categories, countries and languages. This makes finding profiles with common interests or language easier. At the time of writing, there are +/- 1 million users on steemit. It goes without saying that the profiles on this website are only a small selection of the total number and based on my personal preferences. Still, I think it can help many people find information that interests them.

I will add new profiles on the website on a regular base, but if you find a profile that you think belongs here, let me know. Also if you find a mistake in the data I would appreciate a message. The best thing to do is to write a comment on the updates that I put on my steemit profile.

Thanks for reading and... Steem on!!!